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A One Cent Peep Show
Nighttime Vitrine Projection
Rickie Lea Owens

Exhibition July 6 to August 12, 6pm to 9am
Opening Friday July 6th, 7pm
Artist Workshop in animation on film Saturday July 7th, 2pm to 5pm

For the price of one penny, the artist invites the public to indulge in cinematic compositions of luxurious appetite, in 30 second segments. 

The disembodied eroticism in A 1¢ Peep Show pays sybiline homage to the history of the cinema: a braid of optical illusions, soft-core porn, and novelty.

Working at the frontier of value and taste in art, the complete, hyper-colour 16mm film can be taken in for as little as 1¢! It’s the best deal going before the peep show is adjusted for inflation; as much as a nickel a peep!

In this swan song year of the penny, A 1¢ Peep Show will be open for public viewing everyday from 6pm to 9am,  seen through the storefront of La Centrale, from July 6th, 2012 to August 12th, 2012. Unlike our forgone little copper-plated coin, this film is worth so much more than it cost to make!

Along with the unveiling of A 1¢ Peep Show in La Centrale’s vitrine, the artist will be facilitating a bilingual direct animation workshop on 16mm film on Saturday, July 7th at 2pm

A phenomenological introduction to the moving image will kick off the afternoon, and afterwards we'll apply the principles to the task of scratching, cutting, and painting our own animations directly onto 16mm film. It’s hands-on, folks! Necessary materials will be provided, but participants are welcome to bring their own materials to experiment with.  A screening of our homemade 16mm movie caps the evening. All ages are invited to delight in the coloured light.  

Rickie Lea Owens crafts frolicsome animated bombardments and freaky electronics to address the subjective experience of oscillation between inner and outer space, fantasy and reality. In attempting to transcend the discipline of being human, questions about decorum and the body bloom throughout the varied materials Owens engages.


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Peep Show Une Cenne
Peep Show Une Cenne
Peep Show Une Cenne
Peep Show Une Cenne