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Proposal for educational workshops // ART & FEMINISMS


04/08/2015 - 15:58

Educational Workshops: Call for Participation: Teachers and Community Workers


Made up of artist members and cultural workers from a variety of artistic practices and backgrounds, la Centrale’s Educational Committee is working hard to maintain and enrich relationships with diverse publics and community groups.


WORKSHOPS:  Art and Feminisms

This program introduces participants to a series of readings on contemporary art practices in dialogue with feminisms.

La Centrale’s Educational Committee has recently produced a pedagogical kit supporting the facilitation of flexible workshops that include:
- An introductory discussion on the history of women / feminist artists as well as contemporary issues and practices;
- An in-depth analysis of a particular artistic approach in the company of a local artist;
- A hands-on art making component.

The theme of each workshop is shaped by an engagement with artists presented at the gallery and contemporary art more broadly. Workshops encourage dialogue and exchange, and help participants to discover diverse artistic practices, develop their own personal expression, and become active authors of their critical responses. La Centrale’s educational activities can be adapted to meet the needs of groups of all ages, regardless of their familiarity with contemporary art.
To plan an educational project with your students, participants, or colleagues, and to receive a list of the workshops we offer, contact la Centrale: / 514.871.026