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Coordinator - finance, performance art and non-exhibition programming

Pauline B. Lomami


Coordinator - communication, archives and public programming coordinator

Catherine Deschamps-Montpetit


Coordonnatrice - développement, membership, programmation spéciale

Jessica Côté


Coordinator - technique, contracts, exhibition programming

My-Van Dam

Equity Agent:
Yen-Chao Lin

démART Intern:
Karina Diana Arbelaez Saenz

Board of Directors 2018-2019
Cécilia Bracmort, vice-president

Rickie Lea Owens, interim

Mélissa Correia, interim

​Human Ressources Commitee 2018-2019:
Rickie Lea Owens

Mélissa Correia


Programming Commitee:
Cécilia Bracmort
Valérie Bah
Andrea Wiliamson
Thi-My Truong

Performance Commitee:
Pauline B. Lomami
Nuria Carton de Grammont

Equity Seeking Committee:
kimura byol
Elodie Morton-Augustin

Pauline B. Lomami
Yen-Chao Lin

Karina Arbelaez

Website design:
Farah Khan
Website construction:
Myriam Bizier et Jean-Pierre Caissie