Release : 2001

Price : 15$ / 116 p.



116 p. with illustrations


ISBN: 2-89091-195-0


Coordinated by Annie Gauthier


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or la proposition rose

Pink Link or la Proposition Rose has a title or two. Though to be candid about its nature, this publication covering the programming at La Centrale for 1999-2000 and 2000-2001, might have preferred to have no title at all. Containing the scope of exhibitions, activities, discussions and events that make La Centrale a hub which is not at all an ordinary space whithin a single title or definition is quite ambitious, if even a little obnoxious. As seen by Ka Centrale over her twenty-eight years, the diversity of women's contemporary artwork comes from an eclectic variety of artistic practices, points of view, and experiences. The book also contains a special section covering the 4th Mois de la performance.

With texts and artworks by:

Nicole Jolicoeur + laura jeanne lefave + Suzie Larivée

Dara Gellman + Leslie Peters

Simone Jones + Diane Landry + Paméla Landry + Marla Hlady + Diane Morin

Murielle Dupuis-Larose + Sonia Pelletier

Su Rynard + Peggy Gale

Christine Major + Anne-Marie Ninacs

Larissa Fassler + Annie Martin

Thirza Cuthand + Chantal Molleur

Antonia Hirsch + Sylvie Fortin

Millie Chen

Aude Moreau + Colette Sparkes

Fabienne Lasserre + Véronique Lord

Lisa Hecht + Lori Waxman

Jennifer McMackon + Jenifer Papararo

Yechel Gagnon

Gabrièle Fontana

Cheryl Pagurek + Karen White

Caroline Langill

Louise Déry

Diana Lynn Thompson

Christiane Patenaude + Andrée Préfontaine + Laurel Swenson + Christine Redfern

Mindy Yan Miller + Susie Major

Susanne de Lotbinière-Harwood

Rachel Echenberg

Sylvie Cotton

Karen Spencer