Emma-Kate Guimond


On the surfaces of my being I percuss: feel everything.

Love and illness surface… instinct and drive and desire…
I ascribe real and not real narratives to these sensations. I use situation and gesture to articulate what is felt by my body, afloat in an ocean of memory and meaning.  Performance is the incision in time where I decidedly act in relationship all of this. I perpetuate repetition through word, movement, video, photo, drawing, letter writing and sound in order to locate the subtext narratives. I use fantasy and nostalgia as psychosomatic triggers. When a gesture is repeated, the triggers fluctuate. Uninterested in narrative climax, I perform subtleties layered on top of each other. I perform all of the information at once. It spreads out horizontally. I cannot tell you one thing at a time: simultaneous lament and rejoice. To bare complexity is to love everything and to do so demands transparency.




There is nothing to display at the moment.


There is nothing to display at the moment.


There is nothing to listen for the moment.