MARIA-MARGARETTA | she makes all things good

Maria-Margaretta explores generational relations by considering the ways in which objects are created, kept, and passed down. she makes all things good reflects on her homelands and ancestral lineage through the transformative power of objects.

PRIX POWERHOUSE 2024 | Call for nomination

The Prix Powerhouse is a 10 000$ biennial recognition award shared between two Montréal artists to celebrate their artistic journey. It is destined to mid-stage and established artists who contribute in a significant way to Montréal’s cultural life.

OCTOBER 14 - CREATIVE WORKSHOP | autogeographies, Tania Lara

Based on her textile and counter-cartography practice, Tania Lara invites you to revisit places that are significant to you and, using embroidery, anchor them in an autogeographical map.

TANIA LARA | autogeographies

In a cartographic game of countless horizons, Tania Lara inhabits La Centrale with an immersive installation. The artist invites us to discover the notion of autogeography; where embroidered fragments of places encounter the cries made by objects, projected identities and unresolved explorations traced with a brush.


It is with great pleasure that La Centrale welcomes Rihab Essayh, general co-director & programming and Rosemarie Laporte, general co-director & communications and public engagement in the co-director team.

SOMAYE FARHAN | This is not a scarf

Somaye Farhan's window exhibition


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