Coordinator - Finance, performance art and non-exhibition programming (interim)
Claire Saintesprit
performance [at]

Coordinator - Communications, archives and cultural mediation
Julia Piccolo
communication [at]

Coordinator - Development, membership and special programming
Jessica Côté
developpement [at]

Assistant - Partnership and off-program
Camille Paquin
partenariat [at]

Coordinator - Technical, contracts and exhibition programming
My-Van Dam
galerie [at]

Internship - Graphic Design bachelor degree (University of Concordia)
Andira Hernandez-Ramdwar

Research practicum in radio production - Interdisciplinary Studies in Sexuality at the Simone de Beauvoir Institute (University of Concordia)



Board of Directors

Carolina Calle Sandoval

Lucile Lambert Basquet

Laurie St-Onge Dosti

Sarah Mohammed, acting

Laura Acosta, acting

Cristel Silva, acting

Catherine Landry, acting

Alexe-Rose Francoeur, acting

Stéphanie Chabot-Nobert, acting

Human Ressources Committee

Carolina Calle Sandoval

Laurie St-Onge Dostie


Exhibit Committee

My-Van Dam

Cécilia Bracmort

Lucile Lambert Dasquet

Maria Ezcurra

Kimura Byol

Yveline Serenus

Annick St-Arnaud

Performance Committee

Pauline B. Lomami

Nuria Carton de Grammont

Karina Arbelaez