CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS PERFORMANCE PROJECT : Public intimacy ; Distant connections

Deadline: June 1st, 2021 at midnight


La Centrale galerie Powerhouse is an artist-run centre dedicated to the dissemination and development of multidisciplinary feminist practices. Our programming focuses on feminisms that enter into dialogue with intersectionality and social justice and is built on the basis of non-hierarchy and consensus by selection committees made up of active members of the centre. We encourage artists who identify as belonging to groups that are under-represented and / or not very visible in dominant cultural institutions, at all stages of their career, to submit a project.

In order to encourage artists to continue creating despite these uncertain times, the performance committee invites artists to explore this year’s theme: Public Intimacy; Distant Connections. The artist’s work is sometimes solitary, invisible, subtly veiled or perfectly integrated in the system that it infiltrates. We thus reflect on how to reveal its numerous intersections between public and private through performative practices. La Centrale wishes to give rise to exchanges between artists and the public, while holding an awareness of the current socio-political context in which the work towards equality and representation of all individuals still continues. This is therein an invitation to explore different strategies to create and broadcast performance artwork that investigates the ideas of building intimacy and community during times of isolation, transmitting presence through virtuality, as well as, claiming agency within the public sphere. The committee invites performance artists at all levels of their careers to submit projects that relate to the themes of intimacy, public space, community and connection.

The committee encourages artists to consider either a digital and/or presidential project using the following modes and formats:

  • Virtual communication
  • Connecting the virtual to the physical
  • Geocaching
  • Exquisite Corpse
  • Augmented reality (ex: QR Codes, video and image based on AR)
  • Micro intervention

The committee will select three projects:

  • A window performance project
  • An Instagram performance residency
  • A performance in public space

We pay exhibition fees and honorarium on the basis of CARFAC's recommended rates. La Centrale provides technical support and covers certain costs such as transportation of works and installation fees. We also offer professional documentation and a video interview with the artist that will be broadcast on La Centrale's social networks.


  • Curriculum vitae including your personal information (phone number, email, website etc.)
  • A project description (max. 500 words)
  • An artist statement (max. 350 words)
  • A short text (max. 200 words) explaining how your project fits with La Centrale's mandate.


  • Visual documentation (15 to 20 images in digital format)
  • For video works, please send a link (VIMEO or Youtube) or an MP4, MOV file (Max. 10min)
  • A descriptive list (title, medium, size and year)


Please respect the following indications for your digital documents.

  • Documents must be in JPEG, PNG and/or PDF format.
  • Documents must be identified in the following format: 202122_Artist'sname_NameofDocument
  • The images should be identified in the following form: 202122_Artist'sName_Image01
  • Image formats should not exceed 1 MB per image and video. The total file size should not exceed 2 GB.

Please send your submissions via WeTransfer to: with Performance 2021-2022 in the subject line of the email indicating either Window, Instagram Residency and/or Public Space (ex: Window Performance 2021-2022). You will receive a confirmation email from WeTransfer when your submission is uploaded. Please note that late submissions will not be accepted.

For more informations, please contact My-Van Dam at

The Press Release of the call