2023.10.14 - Creative workshop : autogeographies by Tania Lara

Saturday October 14, 2023, 1pm - 4pm


Please note:
- The workshop will be delivered in French, however questions can be asked in English.
- Limited spots available, please register in advance here


Based on her textile and counter-cartography practice, Tania Lara invites you to revisit places that are significant to you and, using embroidery,  anchor them in an autogeographical map. During the workshop, the participants will embroider maps to travel through their intimate and personal spaces, interweaving their physical and emotional connections to these geographical maps; to explore the possibility of meeting and sharing all these places to allow the construction of new common places. Participants will be introduced to the bases of hand embroidery stitches before creating their own autogeographical maps. This workshop is free and open to all skill levels!



Tania Lara is a multidisciplinary artist, textile artisan and counter-cartographer. Her work questions the metaphysics of space - the way it is conceived, perceived, played and takes form - exhumes the weaved and unraveled relationships between the different bodies that inhabit it. Deeply rooted in a collaborative approach, Tania's work is based on the relationships of simultaneity that constitute reality to make space burst into multiplicities. If her work tackles a reflection on spatiality, space is never admitted as an implicit data. Rather, this space derives from elements that spark, such as dreams, stories, places and relationships.

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