La Centrale Toolbox (Boîte à outils)

Download La Centrale Toolbox in digital version (PDF)

For the past few years, La Centrale has been doing organizational work to develop policies and resources with the goal of making La Centrale a safer community space. While these documents exist and some must be signed to be a member of La Centrale, access to them is not always apparent. La Centrale's communication committee has therefore taken up the mantle of improving the distribution of these documents. The committee thus proposes printed, illustrated versions of La Centrale’s anti-harassment policy and basis of unity and a code of conduct for anyone engaging with the artist-run centre. To complete this set of documents, the committee has also worked on an inclusive glossary, a constantly evolving list that will be visible on our website and in a video version during the exhibition.

The glossary includes definitions of the following words:
Ally, Allochthon/Non-native, Indigenous & Aboriginal, AMAB and AFAB, Historical amnesia, Self-determination, BIPOC, Two-spirit, Ableism, Cisgender, Colonialism, Colonization, Anti-racist accomplice, Co-resistor, Culture, Decolonization, Equity, Feminisms, Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminisms (TERF), Sex Worker Exclusionary Radical Feminism (SWERF), White feminism, Gender fluidity, Heteronormativity, Homophobia, Inclusivity, Gender Identity, Turtle Island, Intersectionality, LGBTQQIP2SAA, Non-binary, Neocolonialism, Neurodiversity, Neurotypical, Patriarchy, White Privilege, Queer, Racism, Systemic racism, White supremacy, Transgender, Tokenism, Institutional violence

To add words and/or suggest modifications, please write to:

All of these documents make up the La Centrale Toolbox (Boîte à outils)

Members of La Centrale are invited to purchase a physical copy of the toolbox (by donation) until they are out of stock. Anyone who wishes to be part of this collaborative, feminist community, can become a member of La Centrale by following this link