From May 13 2000 to June 16 2000

Fabienne Lasserre

Fabienne Lasserre (Montréal)

Exhibition : May 13th - June 16th 2000

As the gap widens in Mexico City between those who control power, wealth and (high) culture and those who are denied access, popular culture is becoming increasingly sophisticated and transgressive. Mysticism is overrun by rock’n’roll, sensationalism and political propaganda, and sex and violence are shrouded in sequins, fluorescent paintings and neon lights: the resulting imagery is abundant, surprising, complex and rebellious. This fetishistic world’s icons defy sexual taboos and extend racial and economic limits. Their sources are as diverse as Hindu mythology, Voodoo, horror films, Catholicism and pre-Hispanic religions. They are signs of rebellion: political and aesthetic insubordination opposing cultural globalisation; resistance to ideological standardisation; confrontation.

Fabienne Lasserre’s work is influenced by these elements of "low culture", pop culture generally and Mexico in particular. Her installation Dragons et dragonnes consists of a series of paintings on paper, two video projections, a mural and an installation of old television sets. The anarchy and profusion in the images created recalls the contrast and exuberance of pagan myths. As in an alchemist’s laboratory, common substances are transformed into valuable objects and censorship, good taste and history lose their worth.

Fabienne Lasserre