From April 27 2019 to April 28 2019



Be Heintzman Hope

Workshop April 27-28 2019, 2-5 pm

Breath exercises will be used in this workshop to awaken on a cellular level, facilitating change and transformation through practices off listening and feeling. We will explore the depth, height, and harmonics of the voice during task oriented improvisations. These improvisations will ask participants to actively inquire through movement. This act of questioning through movement is there in order to enter a place of physical research in the place of physical performance. In this sense, we will be un-performing movement.

This is a two-day workshop. Free, limited to 20 people.
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This research involves the excavation of thoughts, memories and feelings imprinted on the body. Using tone as language is a diasporic act of resistance to colonial language(s) and the loss of mother tongue(s). Allowing participants to see their movement as something larger than themselves without immediately identifying with it invites the idea of giving birth to oneself. The body is worked with as a conduit for movement that speaks. Participants will experience working solo, in pairs, as well as in a group dynamic. Exercises are built to give participants new pathways of movement through their own bodies - and acknowledge the power of external forces that implicate themselves in to these decision making processes of a body. The voice is utilized in this practice as a driving force for movement as well as a tool to awaken from the inside out. Waters in the body are moved through the vibrational force of the voice to soften the body and stimulate the back brain's capacity for improvisation. Information from this workshop draws from Qigong, Alexander Technique, Gyrokinesis, and Be's movement research. All exercises are optional and may be reconstructed to suit different abilities and learning styles. Questions are encouraged.

Unfotunately, the building is not wheelchair accessible. Please get in touch if you are a member who need to pay for childcare in order to attend the workshop.
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Crédit photo : Winnie Ho

Moving between sound and performance, Be Heintzman Hope is a facilitator of music, dance and embodiment ritual based between Tio’tia:ke, most commonly known as Montreal and Vancouver's Coast Salish Territiores. Over the past five years, they have established a breath, voice and movement practice under the name Wxmb Cxre – an “ephemeral institution” that prioritizes the needs of queer, trans, racialized bodies and sex workers that centers giving birth to self through movement. They have facilitated workshops for various organizations such as Sherpa Centre de Recherche, Studio 303, SBC Gallery, Articule, Cinema Politica, and The Center for Gender Advocacy. They are a 3 year artist-in residence at the MAI (Maison d'Arts Interculturels) and have participated in Impulstanz's danceWEB scholarship program. They are co-founder of the Queer Body Workers Network Tio'tia:ke/MTL connecting other queer and trans body workers with one another to create alternative economies of care. Within their hybrid practice they have performed in DIY contexts as well as larger venues and festivals locally in Montreal and Vancouver as well as in Berlin and Vienna.