From April 17 1998 to May 30 1998


CHRISTINE LEBEL (video, Montréal)
FABIENNE LASSERRE (photos, Montréal)
PENELOPE KOKKINOS (sculpture, Ottawa)
STEFFANI FRIDERES (wall work, Alberta)
HELENE DYCK (sculpture, Manitoba)
CHRISTY SHEFFIELD SANFORD (Florida) - «Rockgarden of Love»
JULIE LAPALME (Halifax) - «Orphan Train - Trained Tales
SUSAN HARMAN (Vancouver) - «Navigating the Body»
NATALIE BOOKCHIN (Los Angeles) - «Intruder»
ANNIE ABRAHAMS (France) - «Beinghuman»
JILLIAN MCDONALS (video, New York)
KATHLEEN SELLARS (sculpture, Montréal)
CINDY STELMACKOWICH (wall work, New York)
KAREN THORNTON (sculpture, Chicago)

Exposition 17 avril au 30 mai

«My interest in bringing together diverse types of work wrought from various materials and disciplines is to provide a framework for reflection and interpretation of current art production by women which, after the thematic, acknowledges that the impulse to create is one’s own life history.

The works in the second exhibition of amour-horreur (love-horror) are about testing bodily limits. Female identity represented in society as unfixed and unstable provides the terrifying body image of disintegration in death. In an attempt to reclaim female materiality with its inherent contradictions, these artists express control as a means of protection against loss of self. Through the creation of art objects which signal embodied speaking subjects, they seek to heal the ruptures of everyday life. In this endeavour, like the artists in the first exhibition, they invest in a redefinition of the social body.» - G.B.