From February 13 1977 to March 04 1977

Biased Works



Exhibition: 13 February-4 March 1977

This exhibition is created with the support of the Conseil des Arts du Canada.
Biased Works consists of three paintings on paper- each painting being made up of six components or separate sheets of paper; as well as one sixteen by six foot work on canvas and two floor pieces.

The concept dealt with in this work is one of physical, visual progressions, which have been controlled in such a way as to find a balance between a mathematically manipulated form and the physical qualities of the materials themselves.


Using the basic format of 1/2 inch stripes at 10, 20 and 30 degree angles I have followed the resulting value change upon successive applications of a single colour Payne's grey. Due to the serial nature of the work and the absorbancy of the ground, the pieces become accurate records of slight variations in pressure and in time. Thus the pieces are more about this evolutionary process than any formal elements apparent in an individual section.

Biased Works