From October 13 2007 to October 14 2007


MFA Project

LEIGH DAVIS, montreal

Exhibition October 13 to 14, 2007
In the Window 8pm to 4am
Opening Saturday, 7 to 9pm

Leigh Davis will present her thesis project, Ensemble as a window installation for La Centrale on October 13/14 2007.

The project is a film produced in-collaboration with a group of a cappella singers. In the film, architecture acts as an introduction to a performance, leading viewers into a stylized adaptation of a familiar American pop score. Sounds resonate as the young singers interpret lyrics back and forth between each other. Through gesture and voice, grouped or isolated into view, the choir sends out a message, inviting viewers to experience, interpret, or question what these lyrics impart.

The context of La Centrale allows for a broad dissemination of the choir and their message, and provides a frame for viewers to see, read, and thus re-interpret how this score relates to contemporary life, and more importantly to themselves.