From August 03 2006 to August 09 2006



In the window
August 3 to 9, 2006, 8pm to 4 am

In her Montreal-based video, Fifty-Five, Kinga Araya engages with the subject of multiculturalism and cultural displacement, experienced by inhabitants living around Saint-Laurent and Saint-Urbain streets. 

She rides the loop of the 55 bus, starting from the first stop on Chabanel and continuing south until its last stop on Notre-Dame. Featuring performative actions, interviews, short experimental video clips and archival images of St-Laurent boulevard, the video includes a sound-scape of various languages spoken on the 55, a mixture of cultures and hybrid architectural sites.

Kinga Araya was born in Poland and came to Canada in 1990. Her conceptual and interdisciplary works are concerned with the themes of walking and talking. These two forms of narration relate to the political formation of individual and societal « self » expressed as immigrant subject. She has presented her video and performance work in Canada and abroad.