From May 07 2005 to June 05 2005


Exhibition May 7 to June 5, 2005
Artist talk Wednesday may 25
Ridin 2 to 4:30 pm
Return 4:30 to 6pm

i didn't plan 2 b a metro rider.

it's just that on that night when i was taking the metro and my stop came up, i couldn't make myself get up and walk out the door. i made a plan 2 get out at the next stop, maybe go see a movie, yet when the next stop came, i just let it go on by, ... then I thought to the library, read some magazines; that didn't happen either. i didn't want 2 b anywhere. i spent the whole night riding the metro, riding till the end of the line, getting off, turning around and riding again. i began to feel paranoid, afraid people would know i was a fake, that i wasn't really going anywhere, and then i began 2 wonder if there were other people like me, other metro-riders

metro rider rides the metro, she goes from anywhere to anywhere. she rides for about six months, logging five hundred and ninety-eight hours. At the end she doesn't want to come up, so she continues.

goin' down

one day metro rider went down and she wasn't alone. romy and jess were also ridin'. we met at the van houte at place des arts, paid our fare, descended and boarded the train. each of us rode alone. alone but knowing there was somebody else ridin'. metro rider was ecstatic. others were ridin', others were down, others were doing what she was doing. suddenly she was not so alone.

as a way of sharing the metro ridin' experience metro rider invites you to go down with her. we will meet at the gallery, metro rider will answer your questions about ridin' (like an informal artist talk kinda thing), then we will go to the metro and ride. each alone, but knowing there are other riders ridin'. then we will come back to la centrale, have a beer and share our experiences with each other.

thanks to, jessica, roamy, nicole, sylvie, tagny, catherine, taliesin, daniel, gabriel, nathan, la centrale and the canada council.