From August 21 2009 to September 24 2009

Panthéon Pétro


Exhibit August 21st 2009 to Septembre 24th 2009
Opening August 21st 2009, 7PM
Workshop September 19th, 6PM

The gallery has become a jungle, chaos. A petrochemical place. A timeless space, dangerous, violently stimulating. In this space, which I call forest, women have built an altar; this is where they pay respects to what we will call the “inaccessible”, symbolized by the stone.

A ritual will take place at night, a paper-made voodoo, sort of. We do not know if it is black or if it is white. Jean Cocteau transpires the supernatural; it inspires me. There is in papier-mâché all the magic that children possess naturally. On the other hand, silk screening allows ephemeral universes filled with mystery to emerge. Anyway, mystery is a fleeting gasp. Through this installation, I wanted to consolidate aspects of my identity, the complexity of my being. A being with an active spiritual approach, the life of an emancipated woman, contrasted by a deeply untamed flipside. I need to express this « NO » living inside of me, the anger facing the obscurantism of our era, the loss of our natural instincts and the numbing of our senses. In a way, this installation is a savage and emotional reaction, an optimistic anger. A war child’s cry. Expressing first and foremost life through art, a feeling of emergency, a primitive desire for freedom. Simple Silk Screening Manifesto Silk screening is a cheap, easy and fast printing technique! I am all for independence in actions: “Do it yourself”! Silk screening is not precious! Silk screening allows one to print demands, theater sets and haute-couture fabric! To silkscreen, one has to be meticulous and hardworking like a bee! Silk screening is not for the bourgeois! It is for everyone!

Internationally notorious Montreal-based visual artist Dominique Pétrin was introduced to the public through her anti-diplomatic performances among the musical act Les Georges Leningrad. Working with silkscreen for ten years, she is currently integrating hypnosis and other consciousness-altering strategies into her projects. She has collaborated with Sophie Calle and choreographer Lynda Gaudreau, as well as Jerusalem in my Heart. She is currently studying Cognitive Sciences at Université de Montréal. Her work takes from outsider art, surrealistic methods and Bollywood cinema