From April 06 2023 to May 04 2023

Body activates, material transforms

La Centrale galerie Powerhouse is proud to present the exhibition Body activates, material transforms from April 6 to May 4, 2023, by the artists Maria Ezcurra and Winnie Ho, laureates of the Prix Powerhouse 2022. The award ceremony in the presence of the artists will be held at La Centrale on Thursday, April 6, from 5:30 to 8:00 pm. 

Body activates, material transforms, brings together works from the beginning of their artistic career as well as more recent works. The public is invited to (re)discover their creations through the exhibition which gathers photography, installation, video and performance. This exhibition focuses on the idea of the body as a place and vehicle for reclamation and puts the notions of identity and social justice at the center of its concept. Both share a preoccupation with questions of representation of the body and the space it occupies and use everyday objects to address identity and cultural issues. 

Maria Ezcurra explores these themes by using everyday found objects that she collects and transforms to reflect on their histories and their personal, cultural and social significance. Using these objects, particularly clothing, Ezcurra creates sculptures and installations that embody the complex relationships involved in the construction of our identities.  

Winnie Ho, through the practice of ritual as performance, interacts  with everyday objects in order to reflect, reclaim, grief, celebrate and connect to her queer and Chinese  identities. Furthermore, she is exploring different ways of public viewing and questions the role that traditional spectatorship plays in perpetuating  systemic power dynamics of consumption and extraction especially for marginalized bodies.

The exhibition Body activates, material transforms is an opportunity to celebrate the important work of Maria Ezcurra and Winnie Ho and their significant contribution to Tiohtiá: ke/Montreal art community. Their artistic journey is an inspiring example of their commitment to feminist practices and speaks directly to the vision of the Prix Powerhouse. La Centrale and its community are pleased to honor them with this well-deserved recognition. 


* Masks will be mandatory the first hour of the opening. Appetizers and drinks will be offered starting at 6:30 pm.