From October 10 1978 to October 14 1978

Quelques femmes cineastes / Some Women Filmakers


Films October 10 1978 - october 14 1978

Show at the movie theater Parallèle :
An Unremarkable Birth, by Diane Beaudry ;
Traveller’s Palm, by Joyce Borenstein ;
Some American Feminists, by Nicole Brossard, Luce Guilbault and Margaret Westcott ;
Lady From Grey County, by Janice H. Brown and Margaret Wescott ;
A vol d’oiseau, by Marie Chamberlain ;
D’abord ménagère, by Luce Guilbault ;
Patricia’s Moving Picture, by Bonnie Klein ;
Passages,  by Nesya Shapiro ;
Recipe to Cook a Clown, by Lois Siegel ;
How the Hell Are You, Tales From the Vienna Woods, A Said Poem, by Veronika Soul ;
Sun, Wind and Wood, by Dorothy Todd Hénaut ;
Women On the March Part 1 (sans nom) ;


Show at Powerhouse:
Jill Johnston October 1975,
de Kay Armatage et Lydia Wazana,
Thin Line, de Janis Cole et Holly Dale













Quelques femmes cineastes / Some Women Filmakers