From June 09 2005 to July 10 2005



Exhibition June 9 to July 10, 2005
Procession / Performance Thursday, June 9, 10pm

Les Fermières Obsédées install themselves on a parodical float of allegories, boasting their almighty image, like an ironic tribute to the supremacy of our race.

The dazzle is total facing the domination of appearances, easiness and artful devices that gouge our eyes out. Here, for you, a feast of complacency for our relation to others and to ourselves, too often dictated from the exterior and mocked by a void which, unfortunately, is more seductive than everything. For once, let us admit to ourselves, conquered by the superfluous, we can thus stop the struggle and let ourselves be submerged by the artifice.

Together, let us show off our good taste and our enlightened choices, let us act out our life like an action movie, let us choose a guru that will transcend our most virulent opinions, let us feel free and refined. So, as of now, let us parade our parade, finally admitted deliberately.

Les Fermières Obsédées is a collective composed of four artists from Quebec City stemming from the visual arts: Annie Baillargeon, Mélissa Charest, Eugénie Cliche and Catherine Plaisance. They work in the world of performance by offering actions that state a reflection and experimentation on the human being and its interactions with other individuals, and on the diverse codes and standards which govern our existence. Wearing their uniform makes them melt one into another and, at the same time, pushes them to endorse and somehow participate in the gestures and attitudes produced by others. They have developed a visual language linking the tragic and the burlesque, proposing very sonorous performances which are at the crossroads of multiple disciplines. Among others, they have presented their work at the second performance festival in Rouyn-Noranda (L'écart), at the Festival de théâtre de rue de Shawinigan, at Cohabitation : commune mesure ? (Axe Néo7) in Hull, at Eyelevel Gallery in Halifax and at Chapter Theatre in Cardiff, Wales, for the Quebec-Cardiff exchange organized by Le lieu in Quebec City.. .