From March 27 1977 to April 15 1977

Tapisseries du Chili

60 tapestry made by chilian women

Exhibition: 27 March-15 April 1977

First exhibition with political content and the participation of an other community.

These tapestries have been created by women in several "Poblaciones" (shanty towns) in Santiago Chile. They were taught this skill by the Christian community and they depend on the sale of these hangings to support their families as their husbands have been imprisoned by the military junta or are unemployed due to their political beliefs.

"We didn't have any money or anything. We had to go out to collect scraps of material from factories. That's how we  made them and people started buying them. We started making better ones every time. We had to do that because that's how we were making our living. It was the only thing which permitted us to survive because there was no other income for our families."

This exhibition is sponsored by Powerhouse Gallery and members of the Chilean community in Montreal.

Tapisseries du Chili