From June 10 2022 to June 18 2022

Things We Share

Knowledge sharing festival hosted by La Centrale’s membership

La Centrale galerie Powerhouse is excited to invite you to Things We Share, a knowledge sharing festival hosted by La Centrale’s membership. With a focus on collaborative ways of working and learning, Things We Share puts on display the knowledge, skills, and creative practices of La Centrale’s members.

During the festival, La Centrale members will facilitate a series of workshops that respond to the different creative needs and interests of our community. As an artist-run center, La Centrale is driven by the commitment and energy of our members. This festival celebrates our membership and highlights the crucial role La Centrale’s members have in supporting our mission and building our community.

La Centrale welcomes the public to attend these free workshops, or simply stop by the gallery to connect and enjoy a cold drink.

All events are free and take place at La Centrale galerie Powerhouse

Festival Program:

Body Archaeology: Ancestral Memory and Immigration
Facilitated by Tatiana Koroleva

Friday, June 10 from 6:30pm- 8:30pm

Focusing on the experiences of migration, immigration, displacement and relocation as a part of global history, the workshop proposes to activate the invisible link between our cultures of origin and our present moment.
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Atelier d’initiation aux encres naturelles
Facilitated by Karina Arbelaez

Saturday, June 11 from 2pm-4:30pm

Natural inks workshop is a first approach to the world of natural pigments through the magical potential of plants, insects, fungi and other materials that surround us in our daily habitat.
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Headshots with Edson Niebla Rogil*
Tuesday, June 14 from 3pm-7pm

Photographer Edson Niebla Rogil will be taking headshots of La Centrale members looking to update their online profiles.
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Ruche d’Art / Art Hive @ La Centrale
Facilitated by Maria Ezcurra

Wednesday, June 15 from 2pm-4pm

Offering both guided and non-guided creative opportunities, the Art Hive @ La Centrale will offer a continuous opportunity for creative expression throughout the festival.
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Grant Writing Essentials*
Facilitated by June Park
Thursday, June 16 from 5pm- 7pm

Writer, consultant, and cultural connector June Park will go in depth about how to approach funding bodies, and improve your grant writing skills.
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Members’ Sidewalk Sale
Friday, June 17 - Saturday June 18 from 1pm-7pm

La Centrale’s members will be selling their artworks and wares during the St-Laurent sidewalk sale!

10 collaborations | discollaboration
Facilitated by kimura byol lemoine

Friday, June 17 from 6:30pm- 8pm

With 10 examples of collaborations, kimura will reflect on the pros and cons of working in groups with intersectional identities.
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Creative Re-use Workshop and Materials Swap
Facilitated by Sophia Borowska and Teresa Dorey
Saturday, June 18 from 4pm- 5:30pm

This workshop will explore sustainability and material recycling approaches in art-making, with an emphasis on skill and resource sharing.
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Closing Event: Members’ BBQ*
Saturday, June 18 from 6pm-9pm

A summer fiesta in honor of our members! Join us to celebrate old friends, make new connections, and enjoy a delicious BBQ.

* Events reserved for La Centrale’s members. Learn more about becoming a member of La Centrale here