Release : 2000

Price : 12$ / 135 p.



135 p. with illustrations


ISBN: 2-89091-179-9


Coordinated by Annie Gauthier


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the artist writing

Textura began with the question: how are we to understand the active, productive relation of writing, visual art, curatorial practices and the larger social and discursive context in the production of feminist art discourses? Looking back at the history of La Centrale, and at the diverse curatorial and critical projects proposed by the members of the gallery to mark its 25h anniversary, it became evident that "feminist art" could not be understood simply as a set of objects, nor contained within a single problematic. It therefore became imperative to redefine the project of feminist art, and to look at the varied and creative ways through which it is produced.

With texts by:

Sheena Gourlay + Susanne de Lotbinière-Harwood

Monique Régimbald-Zeiber

Leila Sujir

Lorraine Simms

Valérie Lamontagne

Josephine Mills

Geneviève Letarte

Francine Dagenais

Gail Bourgeois

Aneessa Hashmi + Stéphanie Morissette + Élodie Piel