Release : 1998

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68 p. with illustrations


ISBN: 2-89091-162-4


Coordinated by Danièle Racine


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points of view on women's contemporary art

Multiplying points of view on contemporary women's art helps to discuss creative work from different angles and to open the way for discussion. This publication is an overview of exhibitions at La Centrale during the year 1997-1998 with artists from Quebec, Canada and the U.S., offering three angles of analysis: the narrative, the place and the body.

With texts and artworks by:

Julie Mercure Latour + Sophie Lefebvre + Janelle Mellamphy

Julie-Christine Fortier + Dominique Paul + Gabrielle Schloesser + Sandrine Martinet

Sophie Lefebvre

Ann Burke Daly + Nancy Davenport + Jennifer Gonzalez

Stéphanie Granger + Christine Faucher

Faye HeavyShield + Joan Acland

Annie Martin + Marie-Josée Lafortune

Diane Landry + Marie-Lucie Crépeau

Manon B. Thibault + Joanne Lalonde

Manon Lévesque + Isabelle Velleman

Lani Maestro + Erin Mouré