Release : 1997

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76 p. with illustrations


ISBN: 2-89091-152-7


Coordinated by Danièle Racine


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reflexions on women's contemporary art

Singular voices pursues the objectives to witness the diversity of women's work, to cause surprising encounters and to generate critical discourse. This collection of essays puts into perspective the works of artists from Quebec and elsewhere who dare to assert their differences and show their stories to create a new female visual imagination.

Avec des textes et des oeuvres de:

Danièle Racine

Laura Jeanne Lefave + Christine Major

Sylvie Fortin + Jeanne Dunning + Sharon Raynard + Monique Safford

Vanalyne Green + Caroline Langill + Monique Mounblow + Sylvie Silver + Ayanna Udongo

Sylvie Tourangeau + Shawna Dempsey + Lorri Millan + Manon Labrecque + Suzanne Joly + Suzanne Valotaire

Élaine Frigon + Shawna Dempsey + Lorri Millan + Manon Labrecque + Claudia Hart + Sylvie Laliberté + Sheila Urbanoski

Claudia Hart + Nadine Norman

Annie Martin + Shelley Dougherty + Jane Williams

Julie Arnold + Anette Larsson

Denise Desautels + Gail Bourgeois + Janet Logan + Monique Régimbald-Zieber

Anne Golden + Louise Gendron + Mona Hatoum + Diane Poitras