Release : 1996

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147 p. with illustrations


ISBN: 2-89091-143-8


Coordinated by Élaine Frigon, Danièle Racine and Manon B. Thibault


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women's heritage in visual arts

The publication entitled Trans.mission represents a step forward in the reflection on women'd art that La Centrale has been carrying on for several years. This publication, which provides artists and authors with a space for exploration, is divided in two sections. The first section includes essays on the handing down of the feminist legacy, as well as previously unpublished works by the members of La Centrale. The second section features essays and artists' writings about the exhibitions held in 1995-1996.

With texts and artworks by:

Danièle Racine

Rose-Marie Arbour

Christine Major

Manon Morin

Diane Brouillette

Élaine Frigon

Stéphanie Granger

Paméla Landry

Renée Lavaillante

Marie-Danielle Leblanc

Laura Lefave

Janet Logan

Christine Major

Lynne Marsh

Catherine McGovern

Dominique Paul

Lorraine Simms

Manon B. Thibault

Sylvie Bélanger + Nicole Jolicoeur + Laura Lefave

Lynne Hershman + Jannine Marchessault

Ingrid Bachman + Barbara Layne + Kim Sawchuk

Johanne Gagnon + Nicole Lebel + Victoria Bernie

Monique Régimbald-Zeiber + Christine Major + Manon Morin

Frances Robson + Jennifer Gonzalez + Eshrat Erfanian