Laboratory programming

The Laboratory programming was created by the equity-seeking committee, following a crisis that occurred at La Centrale, engendered by racism, oppression, discrimination and power dynamics. This programming responds to a need to diversify the centre's regular programming. Its objective is to present and expose the works, research and speeches of people from traditionally underrepresented communities, such as Indigenous, Black, POC, 2SLGBTQQIPAA+, disabled or neurodivergent people.

Through the Laboratory programming, the members of the equity-seeking committee offer debates, dialogues, conferences, round tables, performances and projections related to decolonial, anti-racist issues and, more generally, inclusiveness. Each year, these members invite artists and researchers to participate in this programming in order to activate reflections around and from these issues.

Members of the committee:

  • Laura Acosta
  • My-Van Dam
  • Maria Ezcurra
  • Maryam Izadifard
  • Sarah Mohammed
  • Michaëlle Sergile