Equity-seeking Committee

The equity-seeking committee is a space to share experiences, develop reflections and propose actions, strategies and interventions with a decolonial and anti-racist aim. The equity-seeking committee works and guides La Centrale through an intersectional perspective, not only in terms of its programming, but also in its organizational structure. More specifically, this committee makes proposals within the programming (Laboratory), the membership and conducts meetings to make an assessment on equity as well as to develop proposals based on the issues addressed.

Committee members may decide to reserve it exclusively for specific communities (for example, Aboriginal, Black, POC, 2SLGBTQQIPAA+, disabled or neurodivergent people) in order to respect the need to create a safer space for their latter.

To date, the equity-seeking committee has focused on developing an anti-harassment policy, a unity base and Laboratory programming. The committee will continue its mission in a collective approach to open dialogues and debates in order to create a real exchange between La Centrale and its community. Thus, this committee aims to impact the center at all levels while reaffirming its intersectional feminist roots.