The March 21 2013

Material Uncertainties

Powerhouse Screening Night

Amanda Dawn Christie, Kerri Flannigan, Jodie Mack, Wednesday Lupypciw, Leyla Majeri, Marie Dauverné, Sarah Pupo, Sabrina Ratté

Thursday March 21st, 7pm

Amanda Dawn Christie
Live projection performance with two 16mm film projectors, loops, shortwave radio, kaoss pad

Kerri Flannigan
Fistpress : An Intimate Friend
Performance /Slideshow

Film \ Video Program :

Jodie Mack
Glitch Envy, (2011), 5:00, video

Gloria Nava
Bagelhead, (2011), 2:40, video

Sabrina Ratté
La Lune, (2010), 2:20, video

Wednesday Lupypciw
Wayfinding by Feel in the Spacetime Weaving Continuum, (in progress), 3 :29, video

Leyla Majeri
Les Pastels de l’âme, (2012), 1:50, 16 mm sur video

Marie Dauverné
Les Crevasses Médiatiques (2012),10:36, video, (in French)

Sarah Pupo
What Was A Wild Night (2012), 5:07, video

Amanda Dawn Christie

Transmissions, is an improvisational performance for analogue and digital technologies that explores radio waves and dreaming; satellites and ideas; wireless internet and cell phones; television and radio broadcasts; all of these signals contribute to complex interconnected webs of invisible landscapes and invisible architectures passing through our bodies in every time and in every space. This performance bridges the gap between contemporary digital technologies and anachronistic analogue machines.

Kerri Flannigan
Fistpress : An Intimate Friend is a bittersweet coming of age tale, a folk history, a memory of migration and a documentary of the early Finnish presence in Northern Ontario. Both personal and archival, this presentation recounts tales of migrant labour, radicalism, diasporic matchmaking and funeral processions. Fist Press (Nyrkki Lehti) is the name of Finnish handwritten newsletters in North America that were said to serve as “guides, interpreters, teachers and intimate friends”.

Material Uncertainties