From October 09 1999 to November 07 1999

Ces petits noms

Murielle Dupuis Larose (Ste-Foy, Québec)

Exhibition :October 9th - November 7th 1999

In the installation Ces Petits Noms, Murielle Dupuis Larose has created an environment composed of several elements. There we find an immense chime formed of suspended cups. Each cup is inscribed with the first names of people who are the victims of violence and conflict. In the other half of the gallery we enter into a space reminiscent of a living room, in which a video projector broadcasts the daily news.

“The idea for this project was prompted after an interview in which the writer Daniel Pennac declared that his favorite little happiness occurred in those morning moments where, through the hubbub of the news frantically broadcasting the deaths and conflicts of the night before, his automatic coffeemaker gets going, spreading the comforting aroma of the coffee.”

The installation Ces Petits Noms reflects the personal, social and political preoccupations of the artist, and poses the question of moral engagement in artistic practice. By arranging the gallery space to remind us of a daily situation, Muriellle Dupuis Larose offers a critical eye upon our habits of consumption and the banalisation of violence through processes of media.

Ces petits noms