From November 13 1999 to December 12 1999

Life Tests

Su Rynard (Toronto)

Exhibition : November 13th - December 12th 1999

Life Tests is a retrospective of films and videos created in the eighties and nineties by Su Rynard . Her work offers a critical reading of femininity and masculinity in relation to materialism, militarism and science.

Within Dialogue (Silence) (1987) can be read as a feminist commentary on the alienation and angst of a young professional woman in the eighties. It shows her escalating impatience with the constrictive emptiness of consumption-driven living.

The works of the nineties are mainly about the ethics of science and question the pretention of objectivity within scientific discourse. The film Signal (1993) suggests that modern visualizing technologies used in science and the military have colonized the body and forever changed the boundaries reached, the vision, and the language of the individual.

Strands (1997) pays homage to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, in which a genetic scientist is culminating a cloning experiment in the creation of her alter-ego. Like Strands, the film Eight Men Called Eugene (1996) takes a cool and distant look at the abusive world of genetic science. This humorous faux documentary creates an uncomfortable parallel between eugenics and genetics. It targets patriarchy as a specific ideological camp, as bearing responsibility for the continuing ethical abuse of science.

Life Tests