From November 13 1999 to December 12 1999

Machines festives

Curator : Pamela Landry

Pamela Landry (Montréal), Marla Hlady (Toronto), Simone Jones (Toronto), Diane Landry (Québec), et Diane Morin (Québec)

Exhibition date: November 13th - December 12th 1999

The exhibition Machines festives brings together the work of five women artists fascinated by the mechanical and electronic. Their curiosity about how everyday objects function motivates and incites them to construct these works.

These women’s desire to understand working mechanisms and technology goes beyond the simple fact of using technologies as tools for their work. In the elaboration and installation of their sculpture, they try to make technology into a malleable substance that can serve their creative needs, the same way a sculptor uses more traditional materials such as wood or stone.

While creating these artworks that deliberately involve movement, agitation and noise making, these women amuse themselves. They take machines apart and put them together again, they invent. This dismantling and assembling are responses to a desire to take active control of the material and technological world they live in rather than to be simply passive users.

Machines festives