From July 11 2013 to July 18 2013

Ma (Interval)

Performance over eight days

Martine Viale (Montréal)

Performance Daily
Thursday July 11th to Thursday July 18th

Finissage and Discussion:
jeudi 18 juillet de 17h à 19h


Schedule of Performances:

Thursday July 11th: 5pm to 6pm
Friday July 12th: 7pm to 9pm
Saturday July 13th: Midnight to 3am
Sunday July 14th: 3pm to 7pm
Monday July 15th: Noon to 5pm
Tuesday July 16th: 8am to 2pm
Wednesday July 17th: 1pm to 8pm

"The project Ma (Interval), is a project spread over a year, consisting of different kinds of performative actions, in the space of the gallery and in public space, in different cities across the world, including Nicosie (Cyprus), Curitiba (Brazil) and Montréal (Canada). Employing the idea of refuge as a centrale image, I am particularly interested, for this series, by liminal spaces; temporal spaces that connect people, things, words, and time.

What the Japanese call Ma, could translate as an interval in time and space. The void that contains all...

Each of these performances will be concentrated on a specific aspect of the liminal space.

For La Centrale, I am looking into the precarious equilibrium between the feminine and the masculin, as well as the possibility to create experences and hybrid qualities between the two."
-Martine Viale