From October 01 2004 to October 31 2004


Performances Octobre 2004

Can the structure of an art manifestation respond to the structure of performance art?
With this 6th edition of le mois, we are creating a platform for creation, exchange and dissemination via a performance lab, workshops, discussions, conferences, comments, and the exhibition of traces of our actions. Our goal is to comment on the world.

To express. To shock. To amuse. To question. A direct link between the artist and the public. Through analyse, to think, to feel, to see, to listen. To be in a space of dialogue and risk, sharing knowledge and process, through exercises and self expression, with documentation and traces of what happens collected in the gallery and on the Web.
An entire mois of activities unfolds in a sporadic and continuous manner, both planned and improvised, public and private, experimental and traditional, informal and official, fixed and floating. The 6e mois de la performance is an experiment, a research project in and of itself; this edition dreams of creating a rich and open environnement for its artists and their public. This event is inspired by the 2004-2005 programming theme, anidentity, formulated in response to our centre's 30 years of herstory (1974-2004). It plays with the notion of loss or alterations in the meaning of identity. Anidentity may be understood as what is not defined or closed, it is what moves, evolves, is fluid and in the process of being defined.

the artist-curators
invites artists ESSI KAUSALAINEN (Helsinki) + MARJA MIKKONEN (Helsinki)
TAGNY DUFF (Montréal)
invites artists TANIA BRUGUERA (Chicago/Havana) + GLENDA LEON (Havana)
invites artists THIRZA CUTHAND (Vancouver) et MARGARET DRAGU (Vancouver)
the chronicler for the mois : VICTORIA STANTON (Montréal)
the videographer for the mois : TAMMY FORSYTHE (Montréal)
the animator of the round-table : THÉRÈSE ST-GELAIS (Montréal)
the speakers : KINGA ARAYA (Montréal), MAKIKI (Calgary) +TRISH SALAH (Montréal)
the interpreters of the performance recipes : MOBILE FILTER GROUP

In the gallery and its storefront window, on the Web, Mont-Royal, in the surrounding neighbourhood, streets, Downtown and in transit.
Wednesday OCT. 6, 3-7pm presentation / workshop facilitated by Tagny, Glenda and Tania : open to all
Thursday OCT. 7, 10-1pm performance workshop facilitated by Aiyyana, Thirza and Margaret : open to all
Saturday OCT. 6, 2-5pm performance workshop facilitated par Sylvie, Essi and Marja : open to all
Saturday 9 - Sunday 17 OCT. performance lab (schedule determined by the artists everyday)
To follow the schedules in process:
a. write to us to receive the daily updates by email :
b. come to the gallery to see the schedule posted in the window : 4296 Saint.-Laurent Boulevard
c. consult the schedule on the Web :
d. contact La Centrale : 514 871-0268
Thursday OCT. 15, 6-8:30pm conference by Glenda and Tania, presented by SAVAP
Saturday OCT. 16, 5-7pm launch of the publicationTake-Out / Prêt-À-Emporter : Performance Recipes for Public Space / Recettes de performance pour l'espace public and of the new petite enveloppe urbaine
Sunday OCT. 17, 2pm round-table on anidentity 4pm discussion with the participants 9pm party
Wed. 20 - Sun. OCT. 31 the traces of the mois in the gallery: from noon 'til: 6pmwed : 9pmthur+fri : 5pmsat+sun
To exchange and diversify by bringing together artists from different: generations (twenty yrs olds to fifty yrs old); origins and languages (Québécoise, Canadian, Cuban, Ojibwe, Mohawk, Finnish, French, English, Spanish); artistic practices (Durational, Life/art, Spoken Word, Relational, Body Art, Intervention, Web, Activist Art); political, geographical and economical roots (Right, Left, North, South); visions and methodology. To bring a little part of the world here. For the initiated, the curious, neighbours and passers-by, all are welcome!

Sylvie is thinking of a durational performance, of collecting body parts of other people on her own body.
Essi, of exploring the space between people: the air, language, skin, fear, the i-don't-know-if-i-can-trust-you.
Marja, of making visible her thoughts and emotions in Mtl, by translating them into texts, images or actions.
Tagny, of creating a public forum on surveillance mechanisms in Mtl
Tania, of archiving her performative travels during two flights between Chicago and Mtl, and make a booklet.
Glenda, of intervening in the little parc in front of the gallery, with artificial maple leaves.
Aiyyana, of performing peace piece 3, a 36hr-long intervention at the gallery and the foot of the mountain.
Margaret, of acting out daily activities such as playing cards, baking bread, and dancing on the white line.
Thirza, of becoming Johnny, a transgender butch inspired from the 50-60s badboy, who visits the big city.