From September 18 2004 to September 26 2004


Exhibition September 18 to 26, 2004
Opening Saturday 18, 5pm
Artist talk Saturday 18, 2pm

In celebration of our thirtieth anniversary, time line presents a selection of the centre’s archives, including images, texts and posters.

The documents cover thirty years of artistic programming activities, special events and significant moments in the herstory of our centre. To tell the stories and particularities of centralian time, to discuss the importance of preserving, transmitting, forgetting and re-doing, we’ve invited Sheena Gourlay, Nancy Marrelli, Kimiz Dalkir and Stéphanie Lemieux to present conferences. We invite you to inaugurate our new project space with us, to visit the past, present and future of La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse, and to celebrate her.


Kimiz Dalkir has been working in the field of knowledge transmission for 17 years. She conceived and developped many knowledge management systems in Europe, Japan and North America. She has participated in the awareness of many groups in the matter of practical communities and has worked in various sectors such as the telecommunications and mining industries, insurance and financial institutions, as well as information technologies. More recently, she has created an approach that integrates the ingeneering of knowledge with practices in the management of knowledge for the capture and transfer of tacit information from employees who are ready to leave their organisation. She is currently professor in knowledge management at McGill university.

Sheena Gourlay recently completed a doctoral degree at Concordia University on the history of feminist art in Quebec. Her dissertation, titled Feminist / Art in Quebec: 1975-1992, examined the relation of feminist art to the discursive and institutional practices of feminism and nationalism, including the history of La Centrale. She has also taught courses in the Fine Arts and Women’s Studies departments at Concordia and UQAM. She has long been active in the artist-run centre system across Canada, most recently as a member of La Centrale, as the co-editor of the publication Textura : L’artiste écrivante / The artist writing (2000), as the organizer of a number of exhibitions and events, and as a member of the programming committee for the 2004-2005 year.

Stéphanie Lemieux is in her second year of the Masters program at the McGill Graduate School of Library and Information Studies. She holds a Bachelors degree (also from McGill) in anthropology and humanistic studies. She is currently studying to become a knowledge management professional - a domain of information studies which involves organizing, sharing and applying knowledge through the support of people and technology. At present, her research interests include the application of knowledge management in non-profit settings.

Nancy Marrelli is the director of the Archive Service at Concordia University and has been working in the field of preservation management, presenting conferences and publishing various works for many years; recently, she is particularly interested in the application of principles related to the management of the preservation of audiovisual documents. She has worked for different associations, such as the International council for archives and the Canadian Archivists Office and Vehicule Press.