The September 18 2004


Book Launch Saturday, September 18, 5pm

les centrelles commemorates two years at La Centrale. Its goal is not so much to document the year’s events at the gallery, but to make visible that which often goes unnoticed when a show is up, framed by white walls: the energy generated by the women involved- the women otherwise known as the “centrelles”.

Whether in the form of—
a staged self-questioning in an ideal world,; a powerhouse of dreams; a commentary on the challenges of navigating through utopia without cynicism; a pragmatic viewpoint of events that frames members’ concrete needs; an inventory of what La Centrale stands for; a contact with the founding mothers and reflections on how La Centrale has morphed from its activist roots; a poem, some photographs; testimonies of involvement with the centre from different generations; assessments on the gallery’s reputation; reflections on the woman artist tag and the weight of feminist history—

les centrelles confronts the duality between the centre’s projection to the outside as an established “institution” and the realities of “collective” activity within. It acknowledges La Centrale’s unique paerticipation in the shaping of artist-run culture.

Texts and artist projects by:

Catherine Bodmer
Gail Bourgeois
Karilee Fuglem
Sheela Gowda
Kate Gray
Madelon Hooykaas
Glynis Humphreys
Kristina Kudryk
Victoria LeBlanc
Pushpamala N
Lou Nelson
Elsa Stansfield
Pat Walsh
Doreen Wittenbols
+ les membres de/ the members of La Centrale