From August 17 2006 to August 24 2006



In the window
August 17 to 24, 2006, 8pm to 4am

This project is developped around an icone called Coeur déphasé, consisting in a figure which embodies the image of a new saint, reproduced through a photomontage, and combining a self-portrait of the artist and images taken from popular and religious magazines. This work questions the construction of identities which move between geographic, economic and cultural spaces. The archetypes used are combined in the creation of this icone, at once woman-hero, martyr, and saint.

A performance consisting in the distribution of prayor brochures devoted to Coeur déphasé will take place on St-Laurent boulevard. These pamphlets include traditional catholic prayers and advertising slogans, where faith and superstition leave space for contradiction and reflection on austere and authoritarian ways of life. The video projection in the window will present a miraculous apparition, a parody of expectations related to divine revelations. And, the Website (, online as of August 17th), will promote the « cult » of Coeur déphasé : an interactive space where the public may satisfy its curiosity and participate by intervening in its content.

Helena Martin Franco was born in Cartagena, Columbia. She received her Bachelor's degree in Visual Arts from the Universidad Nacional de Bogota. She presently lives and works in Montreal. Her multidisciplinary practice explores photography, video, performance art, painting and ceramics. She has also taught visual arts in Columbian universities and was actively involved in community organizations devoted to popular education. Her work has been presented in galeries in South and North America.