The February 02 2023

Digital Publication launch [espace variable | placeholder]

Launch of [espace variable | placeholder]

La Centrale galerie Powerhouse is excited to invite you to the launch of [espace variable | placeholder], La Centrale’s first digital publication! Come celebrate during a festive and artistic evening which will also mark the opening of the exhibition [espace variable | placeholder] IRL!

[espace variable | placeholder], the first digital publication by La Centrale galerie Powerhouse, turns its attention toward the possibilities of navigating and engaging with third places, and (re)telling stories of place and place-making by and for communities that are marginalized by white supremacy culture.
This event is an opportunity to navigate the website, meet the team and collaborators of the project, and discover the exhibition [espace variable | placeholder] IRL.
Performance (7:30 p.m.) : Faith Paré (poet and performer) will present a spoken-word performance based on her work on Black history and erasure.

[espace variable | placeholder] uses sensory or experiential terms to group types of content appearing in the digital publication.

LISTEN features a bird in the hand, a project developed by artist-in-residence rudi aker as part of the Byte-sized Sound Creation Residency. As a continuation of their ongoing research-creation project, topographies of a homeplace: return to, the work a bird in the hand is a sonic exploration of memory, transmission, and reciprocity.

OBSERVE unites the artwork of four artists that each spark discussion and complicate ideas of place-making, counter-archives, and digital identities. Each artist approaches the notions of placeholding and third places in an introspective way, through interdisciplinary approaches that include augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D worlds and mapping, video, and collage. (Cinzia Campolose, Chun Hua Catherine Dong, Ahreum Lee, Alize Zorlutuna)
READ features a selection of texts engaging with artists’ experiences with third places and place-making. The authors reflect on the reciprocal and generative possibilities of digital environments, the intersections of computational relations with artistic subversion, and what it means to be technologically present. (Noor Bhangu, Julie Faubert, Emily Fitzpatrick, Liliana Gonzalez-Jarquin, Victoria Platel, Sahar Te)
INTERACT is an extension of the research into third places and the publication, readers can use these references as a point of departure for new ideas and conversations, and see how accessibility has been built into the user interface as well as the treatment of content on [espace variable | placeholder].
The launch will be held at La Centrale, for gallery accessibility information you can visit this page: or write to