From November 22 2022 to December 01 2022

In solidarity with the Woman.Life.Freedom movement

Window exhibition

In solidarity with the Woman.Life.Freedom movement in Iran, La Centrale presents two projects by Iranian artists: a video by Farid Yahaghi and an installation by the Path Project– an independent artist-run project space started in 2019 from Tehran and now based in Tiohtiá: ke /Montreal. Those projects will be presented in La Centrale’s vitrine from November 22nd to December 1rst, 2022. 

On September 16, 2022, Mahsa Amini was brutally arrested by the Iranian "morality police" leading to her death three days later. Since that day, she has become the symbol of the Woman.Life.Freedom movement. This showcase is intended to raise awareness on the events occurring in Iran since the death of Mahsa Amini. In response to this terrible event, Iranians and their allies are gathering and protesting against the regime to fight for women's rights and the liberation of the Iranian people. 

Video artist Farid Yahaghi presents a video gathering 90 works (drawings, illustrations, animations and graphic designs) by artists from around the world in support of the protests in Iran. 

Starting with the symbol of resistance, cutting one's hair, the installation I have a dream to make a mountain shows a collection of hair from people showing their solidarity with the Woman.Life.Freedom movement. This symbol of resistance, which comes from an ancient Persian tradition, notably from the Bakhtiari, Kord and Lor communities, has now become a practice to show opposition to the current government in Iran.

In order to continue to create these moments of solidarity and resistance, the Path Project invites the public to take part in a ceremony event on November 24th at La Centrale from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. by participating in the installation by cutting and adding a hair piece. 

The Path Project would like to thank the UKAI Project's Intelligent Terrain Residency that was Funded by Canada Council for the arts and The department of fine arts, Concordia University for their support. 

You can read the statement that La Centrale has published about the situation in Iran here:  

Image : Yasin Akgul (right), artwork by Mina (left)