From March 26 2006 to March 26 2006


for the edgy women festival

Book Fair March 26 2006,
from noon to 7pm

Fanzines is an all-women and Montreal-based version of a zine and artist book fair.


Paula Bellina
Elizabeth Beliveau
Aimee Darcel
Julie Doucet
Amy Drover
Myriam Faraj
Karine Fournier (La puce à l’agonie)
Natalie Gadoua
Alice Jarry et Mélissa Di Menna (Atelier 514)
Jacynthe Loranger (Nina Logan)
Hazel Mayer
Leila Majori (Atelier Alphonse Raymond)
Nadia Moss
Krista Muir (Lederhosen Lucil)
Alessandra Naccarato et Joanna Nawracaj
Dominique Pétrin
Rosa Roquette
Vanessa Yanow

Organised by Aimee Darcel in collaboration with Studio 303 and by Roxanne Arsenault at La Centrale.