From March 28 2007 to April 01 2007



Exhibition March 28 to April 1, 2007
Opening Friday, March 30, 5 to 7pm

The greatest crimes in this world are not by people breaking the rules but by people following the rules. 

The exhibition titled FOR DISPLAY PURPOSES ONLY is a collection of work that derives from three years of traveling and studying a diversity of urban locations. This work is constructed from bearing witness to the non-verbal languages of expression from Montreal graffiti to memorials in Germany. Tegan reworks images of commonplace locations into subversive critiques that promote awareness of the subjective experience of public space. How is a space marked with the presence of human intervention? Embodiments of these locations portray her personal connection to movement, memory and documentation.

Contemplate the varied forms Tegan reveals to be her art practice from large format prints capturing projections of intimate vistas on to her body subsequently manipulated further into postcards, slides and the common tools of tourist memorabilia. Circulating these tokens back into the public domain offer one the ability to decode personal narratives through urban spaces cultivating an echo of memory through trace. FOR DISPLAY PURPOSES ONLY invites the viewer to contemplate how such marks of human touch, often ignored by an area’s inhabitants, develop into an experiential vocabulary that can transform our perceptions of public space. Recording her private presence in these public locations Tegan reengages with urban spaces through subversive acts of intervention.

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