From May 09 2007 to May 13 2007



Exhibition May 9 to 13, 2007
Opening Wednesday, May 9, 7pm

L’animalerie Ju-Do is a store-installation that consists of a collection of cages containing “papier-mâché” animals.

The public will be able to adopt the animals and the new owners will have to sign an adoption contract and other releated documents. The Animalerie Ju-Do staff, Julie Doucet and Dominique Pétrin, will be present on the opening night, Wednesday May 9th and from 2pm on Sunday May 13th, last day of the project.

Julie Doucet was born in Montreal in 1965. She received international recognition with her graphic novels then, since 1999, she has devoted herself to engraving, collage and writing.

Dominique Pétrin was born in Montreal in 1976. Multidisciplinary artist, she has played with Les Georges Leningrad since 1999. She also practices silk-screening, painting and sculpture.

Paper Rad

Since 2000, The Paper Rad Collective, formed by Jessica Ciocci (1976), her brother Jacob Ciocci (1976), and Benjamin Jones (1977) have made an impressive catalogue of selfmade and selfdistributed work. Whether it’s graphic novels, zines, video art, web art, MIDI files, audio tapes, hand painted t-shirts or performances, their creativity does not constrain itself to one medium or support.

Paper Rad and its collaborators work with a variety of musicians and have produced music videos for artists such as Beck (Gameboy Homeboy), Lightning Bolt, Wolf Eyes and Bubble Puppy. Paper Rad works have a distinctive esthetic that is directly influenced by the hallucinatory colors and 8-bit animations found in the graphic art of the first videogames.

Paper Rad will be presenting a 3D installation true to their psychotronic image, at La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse, from May 9th to 13th.