From January 14 2005 to February 20 2005


MARIANNE CORLESS, fort mcmurray

Exhibition January 14 to February 2005
Opening Friday, January 14, 7pm

Further is a gallery installation with two main components, designed to acknowledge the important role of the fur trade in the history and colonization of Canada.

The first is a series of 2-dimensional works made from fur, including "fur portraits" of past and present British and French monarchs. The second is a wall to wall carpet made entirely of fur (from used fur coats), allowing the viewer to immerse themselves in this rich but disquieting material. This exhibition will perhaps incite a conflict between delight and revulsion for the people who look, touch, roll around and play in the installation.

Marianne Corless grew up in Fort McMurray, Alberta, before moving to Victoria BC in 1985. She initially studied biology in University, then shifted career direction by enrolling at the Victoria College of Art in 1998. Her first solo show Further travelled across Canada, showing in venues from Victoria to Halifax. She has since moved to Calgary to undertake an MFA.