From June 21 2007 to June 23 2007

La souffleuse


3 nights of drawing/performance
Thursday, June 21, 9pm
Friday, June 22, 9pm
Saturday, June 23, 9pm

Dans un théâtre, personne qui est chargée de prévenir les défaillances de
mémoire des acteurs en leur soufflant leur rôle.

With La souffleuse Vida Simon will present three evenings of performed drawings, to be experienced from outside the gallery windows. Using an old-fashioned overhead projector, little intimate drawings and shadow gestures become magnified and amplified out to the street. With each mark, the audience will witness the layering of narratives, as images emerge and dissolve. Although the piece will be improvised, the source is a story about a woman who leaves her child behind in a theatre.

Vida Simon has presented her work in a wide range of contexts - galleries, performance festivals, residencies, and site-responsive projects in public and private spaces. Her work has been shown across Canada, as well as in the US, Mexico, Italy, Finland, and most recently in Estonia. Vida's installation/performance work combines various forms including drawing, writing, hand-crafted objects, sound, and movement. While her work is visually-based, she tries to create situations that undo representation, through integrating the spectator's participation, obscuring visibility, or revealing processes that are normally kept "behind the scenes." Drawing live often plays a central role in her performances. Vida lives in Montreal.

La souffleuse