From July 13 2007 to July 28 2007

Par les jardins : décalage et accueils délicats

An idea conducted by Pascale Malaterre

Exhibition July 13 to 28, 8pm to midnight
Opening July 13, 8pm

26/07/07 : Due to unforeseen circumstances, we must cancel the end of the exhibit and all related events. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Par les jardins: décalage et accueils délicats (Through the gardens: delicate gap and receptions) An idea by Pascale Malaterre In the garden and the gallery, the artists welcome the public with their sound, video and plastic works. Olfa Driss, New Media Artist (Visual) Martin Leduc, New Media Artist (Sound) Joseph El-Hourany, Architect and Performer Mi-Jeong Lee, cineaste and Visual Artist Pascale Malaterre, Pictural Dramaturgy

One day, I saw a film by Mi-Jeong. For her, that was a sketch, for me, it was a fine work of “gap”: Joseph and Olfa in complete freedom in Old-Montreal, and an old Asian couple sitting next to each other. The sensuality of these different oriental mixes gave me the idea of this exhibition. A fashion, in this 2007 summer, to fight our invisibility trampled for being free. - Pascale Malaterre, Curator, 2007 Thanks to “La Centrale” for welcoming our purposes, inserted, shifted, unfolded… expended. Thanks to the CIAM, Concordia, UQAM, Pierre Jutras, Xin Wei Sha, Pierre Gosselin and Laure Malaterre-Garel. From July 13 to 28, 2007 - from 8:00 PM to Midnight (Note: July 16, 23, 24, 25 and 26 the gallery will be closed) The opening will take place on July 13 at 8:00 PM, with a performance and a site-specific installation. Mint tea will be served. On closing night, July 28 at 8:00 PM, there will be performance and a screening of videos (a selection of young artists web-post and short videos from Korea and Tunisia). Galerie La Centrale 4296 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montréal (Québec)

Olfa Driss and Martin Leduc present a site-specific installation. While taking as a starting point the intimate space of the garden and the topic of the shift, they create a renewed sound and visual universe. Enchanted by the sounds and the environments, which add various space and time layers to those of the garden and the gallery, the spectators will be invited to live a sensory and poetic experience. The videos, filmed and edited by Olfa Driss, propose shifts as for the places and the seasons. Martin Leduc using long cords, put in vibration by electromagnetism, creates the sound composition. Joseph El Hourany unfold some meters of his travel sketches. During the inauguration, he will perform on his exclusive oriental harmonica many distribution of « A. , M. et Z. Rahbani », « M. Khalifeh » and « M. Abdel Wahab ». Mi-Jeong Lee "Turn around and…" The two presentations, "Ginseng-the Soil" and "In-Between", comprise this video installation. They embrace an inter-cultural dialogue that focuses on three themes: The Harmonica, The Family and The City. Mi-Jeong Lee's artistic simplicity emphasizes reunion, modernity, and heritage. Her work utilizes colours from natural sources with a whisper to each viewer "Turn around and see..." to create your own version of spacetime. Pascale Malaterre A video poem that you will read from the right to the left. Contamination through the different works of artists. Inviting masculine subtitle artists at la Centrale. A mosaic. Et bien plus que cela.

Olfa Driss is a visual artist specialized in media installations. Her Works explore the use of interactivity as a vehicle for poetry and fiction. She uses interactive devices, which integrate the spectator in an immersive environment, to produce a fictional and poetic experience. Joseph El Hourany is both architect (Ms.) and urban planner (Ms.). Carrier of many architectural competition prices, his practice is concentrated since 1999 both over the design objects creation and urban planning intervention. Possessor of the “Prestigious HOHNER Certificate” for developing the first oriental harmonica. Holder of the "UESCO Appreciation Certificate" for his sculpture at “Aley international symposium - 1999”. Martin Leduc designs unique electro acoustic instruments and creates interactive sound installations in which an algorithmic composition is combined with a systemic approach to turn spectators into part of the compositional system. His instruments are sculptures to be viewed, heard and modulated through their interaction with the public and the environment. Mi-Jeong Lee is a cineaste, installation artist, founder of the not-for-profit film organization Cine-Asie, and programming director for the Asian section at Fantasia International Film Festival. The Korean-born Canadian artist creates a dialogue in her work that goes beyond spacetime and that simultaneously resonates with nothingness and fullness. Pascale Malatere creates sound digital embroidery with poetry and dramaturge structures, and interactivity with digital environments invited by Artificiel (Alexandre Burton, Jimmy Lakatos, Julien Roy). Her performance lets us be touched with all these invisible parts by ourselves that are often forbidden. She also did numerous Web sites, videos, installations, and wrote drama plays, Opera libretto, and did stand Up Comic under the name of Candyde Granada. She received prizes (for the John Cage 2002) and international nominations (le prix de Mondial Italia for radios). Recently, she successfully created a perfo at Clark Center. This fall, she is invited to present her last Web site at File, Sao Paolo and resides in artist residency in Paris.

Par les jardins : décalage et accueils délicats