From May 02 2018 to May 30 2018

Les questions sans réponses doivent être posées très lentement

Résidence croisée Montréal - Zagreb - Sarajevo

Adriana Disman (Montréal)

In residency at MSU : May 2 to May 18, 2018 / Presentation May 15, 7:30pm (ZAGREB)
In residency at CRVENA : May 20 to May 30, 2018 / Presentation May 25, 6pm (SARAJEVO)

As part of the crossed residency programm in performance art between La Centrale and organism dedicated to art and culture CRVENA (Sarajevo) in collaboration with the MSU, Museum of Contemporary Art (Zagreb) :

CRVENA will be hosting artist Adriana Disman for a two-part residency starting this May 2nd. The first will involve 17 days of research at Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb (MSU). This will be followed by 11 days at the Nona Residency in Sarajevo, whereupon the artist will have the wonderful opportunity collaborate with CRVENA’s members and community.

Adriana Disman is a performance art maker, thinker, and writer based in Toronto and Montreal, Canada.

“Questions without answers must be asked very slowly.”*

During her residency, she will be working with specific local artists to find intersections between my research and theirs.

For Adriana Disman, Everyday violence can be recognized by its invisibility. To make something daily is to make something that is so often perceived that one stops perceiving it. The same doorway, the same stairs, the same ways of being treated. Unspectacular suffering is a manifestation of larger oppressive systems of power. Common coercion. This coercion becomes visible at moments of rupture. Under some logics, this rupture is startling, illogical, “crazy.” Under another, it might hold sense. If the daily build up is recognized than it’s not crazy to break under the weight. It might seem crazy to watch another break if you yourself are in a position where you do not feel the weight. It might seem crazy to break if you are told that the weight you bear is not weight, there’s no weight there, there’s nothing there.

Her performance practice is a dedication to making visible these quotidian, unspectacular sufferings. A making sense of the rupture.

*quote from Anne Michael’s Fugitive Pieces
Photo credit: Adriana Disman, Swallow, Fonderie Darling, 2017. Photo by Manoushka Larouche.