From October 12 1975 to October 31 1975

Nerns de jardin / Garden Nerns


Exhibition 12 October1975 - 31 October 1975

"Nerns" is a nonsense word derived from "garden urn"; it can have a variety of meanings which are open to interpretation of the viewer.

NERNS are free-standing objects made with cement which is cast in molds. The molds will be holes dug in the earth in various locations, with no attempt to control the shape they take. The NERNS will therefore be created according to the laws of chance. Determining variables of the shape and contours the objects will be size of the hole dug, type of soil, location, stones and pebbles mixed in the cast, the quality and consistency of the cement used, etc.

We choose to use the method of spontaneity and the laws of chance rather than impose arbitrary limitations onto the work; to allow the work to take its own shape and speak for itself rather than direct with a too heavy hand the end result of a piece. This does not mean that the work will be chaotic; each piece ( poetry or visual art) will stem from a meditative and co-operative base, with the form of the piece dictated by the piece itself; each piece carefully thought out.