The March 03 2007


Exhibition March 3, 2007, noon to 3am
Film Screenings March 3, 2007, 6:30pm and midnight

All Nighter at La Centrale! 

Visit of the exhibition … last day/night!
From noon to 3am
RASHTRIY KHEER & DESIY SALAD (National Pudding and Indigenous Salad)
2 new experimental films by Pushpamala N (Bangalore, India)

Projections in the gallery … Montreal premiere!
At 6:30 PM and MIDNIGHT
*the artist will be present

The first film, Rashtriy Kheer and Desiy Salad, is a playful and ironic look at the modern Indian family as it imagined itself soon after independence. The film uses excerpts from the 1950s and 1960s recipe books of the artist’s mother and mother-in-law, to create a montage of text, visuals and music between the military notes of the father, a Lt. Colonel in the army, the recipes and domestic notes of the heavily pregnant mother and the school boy son’s homework- all found on the pages of these scrap books. The title of the film comes from two 1950s Independence Day recipes based on the colours of the Indian flag. The artist plays the role of the Mother in the film. (11mins, English, 2004)

The second film, Paris Autumn is a work of fiction in the style of a gothic thriller. The work is inspired by the life of Gabrielle d'Estrées, King Henri IV's favourite, who died, poisoned no doubt, at the age of twenty-six just as she was about to marry the king. (35 minutes, English, 2006)

Pushpamala N. studied at the MS University in Baroda, India. In the last few years she has been mainly working in photo performance and video, exhibiting widely all over India and internationally. She uses women’s stories and women’s material as a device to explore history, memory and contemporary society.