The January 17 2006


Studio XX 5pm
Articule 5:45pm
Parc Lafontaine 7pm
La Centrale 8pm

For Art's Birthday, Studio XX in collaboration with La Centrale, terminus1525, OBORO, Upgrade Montréal and articule / Diffusion Système Minuit, Studio XX will embark you in a poetic winter walk outdoors - a definite party circuit for Art's Birthday on January 17th 2006, starting at 5pm ! 


January 17 2006 :
Party Circuit _ Art's Birthday In collaboration with various artists centres and organizations, Studio XX goes out!

Studio XX []
338 Terrasse St-Denis
"Paysages politique"
intervention for mobile audiophonic media (with Danny Perreault and Pascale Malaterre)
* bring: I-pod / mobile audio mp3 player / cd player / headphones

4001 Berri, suite 105
Action around « Workshop with Yoyo Yogasmana »
co-presentation articule and Diffusion Système Minuit du Québec

4001 Berri, suite 301
"Machines for Social Circumstances" (de Nicholas Stedman)
* bring: your mug / thermos
S¼ hot cocoa & tea served on site (and to go!)

Lafontaine Park (théâtre de Verdure)
"L'abécédaire de Gilles Deleuze"
Deleuze interview by Claire Parnet, guerilla screening (Jimmy Lakatos in collaboration with
Pascale Malaterre)
* surprises at the end...

La Centrale
4296 St-Laurent
Art's Birthday Party!
MAIL@RT, games, yummy food, books, dance?, with Studio XX, La Centrale, terminus1525
[], Upgrade Montréal [] + other surprises...

Since the proclamation of Fluxus artist Robert Filliou in 1963, January 17th happens to be Art's Birthday. Art was thus born 1,000,000 years ago and artists and artist groups everywhere around the globe celebrate this important anniversary by organizing international events and network art happenings, and by eating cake and offering gifts to Art. Every year, Art's Birthday becomes an occasion for exchange between artists and art events. The Eternal Network grows this way by exploring the telecommunications arts.

The party circuit begins at 5pm. All should meet at Studio XX [] (338 Terrasse St-Denis) when artists Pascale Malaterre and Danny Perreault will lead you into a sound-walk entitled « Paysages politique », an intervention for portable audiophonic media. So bring your i-pods, potable audio mp3 players, CD players and headphones.

Punctuated by winter sounds, the walk will first stop at 4001 Berri street where artist centres articule [] (suite 105) and OBORO [] (suite 301) will welcome you with their own program respectively. While climbing the stairs, you will give a little visit to articule, which co-presents with Diffusion Système Minuit du Québec, an action around workshop with performance artist Yoyo Yogasmana. Also, do not forget to carry your own mug and thermos since OBORO will be serving hot cocoa and tea while you admire the installation « Machines for Social Circumstances » by new media artist Nicholas Stedman.

Armed with warm drinks, you will then be driven by Pascale Malaterre to Théâtre de Verdure in Lafontaine Park for a short guerilla screening of « L'abécédaire de Gilles Deleuze » (Deleuze interview by Claire Parnet), an initiative of Jimmy Lakatos in collaboration with Pascale Malaterre. One must stay until the end as the public with be then equipped with the essential element for the rest: the party hat (hand-made especially for the occasion). A collective crossing of Rachel street with your cheerleader Jake Moore, the party circuit will act as a prelude to the culmination of this grand tour (wink, wink at the ones who have camera-phones)...

La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse [] (4296 St-Laurent) will be waiting for you with projections of the walk, as well as a common MAIL@RT project in collaboration with Studio XX, la Centrale, terminus1525 [] and Upgrade Montréal []. Birthday e-cards for Art, games, books, music and plenty of yummy food will make up the Art's Birthday Party where all will celebrate together that which has entered our lives so many years ago...